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We are proud to announce that 2nd International Conference on Best Practices and Innovations in Education will take place on 19-21 October, 2017 in Izmir, Turkey.

The conference aims to attract prolific researchers, teachers, students and trainers in and outside Turkey, creating a platform where they can share their best practices and educational innovations with colleagues. The conference offers delegates a wonderful opportunity to meet leading scholars, and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from various fields of education. It involves a 3-day program of talks and presentations as well as a vibrant social program.
Within the scope of 2. International Conference on Best Practices and Innovations in Education, the best practices to be presented are categorized into four groups:
Promising practices: Educational practices that are in the data collection phase and provide detailed information about the practice and the theory underlying it.
Validated practices: Research-based practices with a positive outcome in a specific educational setting (experimental/quasi-experimental quantitative, qualitative or mixed-methods studies).
Exemplary practicesPractices that yield the same or similar results in different educational settings.
Innovative practicesSubstructure projects, enterprising approaches, sustainability and development efforts, patents and original works in education.

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