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First YÖKDİL Exam Draws Great Interest

Nearly 100 Thousand People Apply for Exam

The application period for YÖKDİL, CoHE's first foreign language exam that measures the language proficiency according to the field, ended on February 10, 2017.

CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç announced on Twitter and Facebook that the application period was over.

President Saraç stated that the application period for the exam was over and announced the number of applications on a field basis. Saraç expressed his gratitude about the great interest towards the exam and noted that they realized how they made the right decision by carrying out the exam when they looked at the number of applications. Saraç also wished good luck to the examinees.

CoHE President Saraç: "The application period for YÖKDİL, the first foreign language exam that measures the language proficiency according to the field in the history of Turkish higher education, is over. When we look at the total number, we clearly see that we made the right decision in favor of the academia. The number of applications by area: Social Sciences 37.946 – Natural and Applied Sciences 28.794 – Health Sciences 26.164 / Total number of applications 92.904. People have been expecting this initiative for a long time. I wish good luck to examinees. I hope it will be the best for our academia."

Nearly 100 thousand people applied for the first YÖKDİL exam that will be coordinated by CoHE. (92.904)

The highest number of applications was for social sciences. 37.946 people applied for it. The field of social sciences is followed by natural and applied sciences (28.794) and health sciences (26.164).

Exam entry documents for the YÖKDİL Exam will be published on February 27.

The first YÖKDİL Exam will be conducted on March 5 in one session in 30 cities.

The YÖKDİL Exam, the first academic language exam specific to the fields, is an academic foreign language exam that measures the language proficiency of the applicants (in the field of science and engineering, social and human sciences and health sciences) in addition to the current Foreign Language Exam (YDS).

The Council of Higher Education will organize the implementation of the exam with the help of Anadolu University and Ankara University. Ankara University will prepare the exam questions and Anadolu University will carry out the organization of the exam.

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