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CoHE’s First Erasmus+ Project "TURQUAS" Introduced

The TURQUAS Project, which is the first Erasmus+ project of CoHE and aims to promote, facilitate and internalise the implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) reforms, was introduced in a meeting that took place at the Council of Higher Education.

CoHE Deputy President and Project Coordinator Prof. Hasan Mandal chaired the meeting and international and administrative experts who are taking part in the project attended the kickoff meeting.

The topics regarding the determination of the activities and calendar of the TURQUAS Project were discussed and important information related to the project was shared in the meeting.

It was emphasized that the European Commission accepted the application of the Council of Higher Education for the project call, which only the higher education authorities of the member states and candidate countries could apply to, with a high evaluation score in 2016 under the Erasmus+ KA3 Programme and that it was worth supporting.

It was stated that experts and administrators from the Academic Exchange and Support Program Unit, Equivalence Unit and International Relations Unit had completed the preparation and writing process of the TURQUAS Project and that national and international experts would also take part in the project team.

The Implementation and Sustainability of EHEA Reforms in Turkish Higher Education System Project (TURQUAS), which is perceived as an important motivation tool used to fulfill the requirements of the "Regulation on Quality Assurance in Higher Education" and the "Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Implementation of the "National Qualifications Framework For Higher Education in Turkey", is anticipated to be completed in two years.

Raising awareness for the quality assurance in Turkish higher education institutions, generalizing and internalising quality culture and generalizing the institutional external evaluation process in higher education instritutions are among the goals of the project.

In addition, topics such as the expansion of the process regarding program accreditation in all fields, improvement of learning and teaching related process with a focus on quality, promotion of implementations related to ECTS and diploma supplements in higher education institutions and rise in awareness on this matter are anticipated to be realized with this project.

This project is expected to contribute greatly by making improvements related to the recognition and equivalence process in higher education institutions and raising awareness on this matter, increasing cooperation opportunities for degree and credit system, common quality assurance standards, mobility and joint diploma programmes and expanding the process, promoting the employment of people who graduated from higher education institutions and expanding its range in a way that groups with disadvantages in the higher education system (people with disabilities, immigrant children etc.) will also be included.

The TURQUAS Project is expected to help coincide the goals related to the Turkish higher education system with the goals of the European Higher Education Area, contribute to the action and reporting that need to be completed as a country involved in the Bologna Process by 2018 and, most importantly, contribute to the establishment and internalisation of a sustainable quality assurance system in higher education.

In order to learn more about the project, you can visit the website ( which will be activated soon. The Council of Higher Education will plan and realize all the activities related to the "TURQUAS" Project. It places great importance on the support of the higher education institutions and personnel related to higher education in the upcoming stages of the project.

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