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Abdullah Gul University Centers and Institutes

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

AGU Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences will admit its first graduate students in 2013-2014 Academic year. Significant research and works are expected in AGU graduate programs, on the supervision of its dynamic and talented academic stuff. It is aimed to corroborate the academic essence of the AGU, national and internationally.

AGU Academy

AGU Academy is founded to contribute the development of the collaboration between university and governmental or private institutions, non-governmental organizations, and international association with its teaching, research, supervising activities. Life long learning is a modern teaching approach not only for the university students, but also for any kind of people, from child to adult, who intended to mature his profession.

Digital Publishing Center (DPC)

AGU - DPC provides support to the AGU community for the design, management and distribution of digital and printed publications including books, journals, and other scholarly content obtained by copyrighting, translating, and reproducing.

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